Can You Cut Toprol XL In Half

Inform your physician if your problem does not enhance or if it aggravates (for instance, if your routine blood tension readings stay high or increase, if your upper body pain or migraines occur much more commonly). As a result of the opportunity of significant negative effects, such as chest pain or a heart strike, you should not stop taking TOPROL-XL instantly. You may be instructed to slowly reduce your dose over a period of time before stopping it entirely if your doctor decides you need to stop taking TOPROL-XL.

Severe slowing of the heart price Sudden as well as serious decrease in blood stress and also blood flow via the physical body since the heart is not pumping generally Uncontrolled cardiac arrest Slowdown of the heart's electric signal causing a slower heart price Damage to the heart's natural pacemaker that affects the heart's rhythm unless one has a pacemaker device Any allergic reactions to TOPROL-XL or its components.

Your physician might not want you to take TOPROL-XL if you are presently taking particular sorts of hypertension medicine, or have adrenal glandular tumors, diabetic issues, low blood glucose, liver damage, over active thyroid illness, or hardening of the canals in the arms or legs.

Your doctor may not desire you to begin taking TOPROL-XL if you will have any kind of sort of surgery.